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Meet Richard Sadler

the family behind the dadsphere

My name is Richard Sadler, but you can call me Rich.  I'm a Christian, husband, father of two, entrepreneur, creator, and tech professional.  Check out my coloring books for kids under the author name RJ Inspires on Amazon; they'll definitely blow you away.  I started the dadsphere podcast in 2023 after founding a clothing brand formerly known as RAIZING ZANE in 2020.  While running that brand for 3 years off and on, I realized that fathers needed a space where we could simply be.  Through the many people that I met and spoke with, it became clear that my brothers needed a space where we could speak candidly and share openly about what makes us who we are, the struggles that we endure and the joys that we experience in the day to day of being a husband and father.  I yearned for this very space myself.  One conversation at a time, I plan on creating such a space.  Meet me in the dadsphere. 

- Rich

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